Corrupted letters/characters in the created file


if I print a page from the web (which I like to do frequently) in IE9 under Win7 32 using ver. 1.3.2, when the page contains CEE characters, esp. Czech ones, some characters are corrupted/replaced by a dumb one in the target pdf file. But the right character is there - when I copy it from the pdf file elsewhere (e.g. to MS Word or even this text window) it's OK. I cannot see any logical connection between the occurences of corrupted characters. Even if there's a mix of Czech and English text, some Czech parts are OK, while some English parts are corrupted. Something wrong with fonts. Can I setup something in the PDFcreator to correct it?




it is probably a ghostscript related problem, you could try using an older ghostscript version, but I can´t garantee that it will solve the problem. Some info on ghostscript settings is here: