Create Multiple printers via Commandline


we are trying to do a complete unattended installation of pdfCreator. The users want to accomplish 3 different tasks:

  • Create pdf and send via email
  • Create pdf and open in viewer
  • Create pdf and save

This, I've read, can be done with different profiles and a printer for each profile. But it seems the printer creation and profile assignment can only be done via the GUI as admin and not in a scripted way via commandline?

Is there any way to accomplish this?

At least we would need to assign a predefined profile to the default "pdfCreator" printer via script during or after the setup. Any hints on this?




it isnĀ“t possible to create multiple printers during the setup.
You can predefine profiles (and settings) by supplying a.reg file. (more info:
You could create the pdf, open it in viewer and save it all at once, if needed.