Create pdf and send via email WITHOUT saving the file: is it possible?

Hi, we have gone from nothing to a pay program for the creation of PDF to PDF CREATOR.

My colleagues indicate a "problem": Before they could start printing of PDF and send the PDF by email DIRECTLY, while now, with PDF CREATOR are forced to start printing of pdf, save the pdf file on disk, and only after sent via email.

Since the pdf file saved on disk is USELESS for us, we would be NOT create it just as they did with the old software: in this way we avoid searches whenever the folder "PDF USELESS" in the disk of the PC.

It's possible to send the pdf via email directly?


it is technically not possible to send the PDF without it beeing saved on your harddisk in some form (the other software probably just saved it into a temp folder which then got deleted at some point). You can use the autosave function of PDFCreator to save all PDFs to your default temp folder.



You are quite right, and your advice solved the problem, thank you!

I have another question, but the topic changes, then apreo a new topic.
Honestly, this new application I had already inserted in 2010, but now I see that the text is corrupt and unreadable (look at

... also no one had answered, maybe I was badly explained ...