Created pdf on Windows 2008 R2 only on once - Version 1.3.1

 HI !


We are installed 1.3.1 version on Windows 2008R2. We created one script in our program ( OpenEdge 10.2b) to generate PDF, on machines that have Windows XP and Windows 7 64 run well, without any problem, but when we tried to run on Windows 2008R2, the PDF file only create only on time, to be run again on Windows 2008R2 we have to install again pdfcreator.

One point interesting: After create PDF file with script, we tested to generated PDF from MS-Word and MS-Excel and they didn’t create and not show any error message.

Could you help us?

Look the script example:

CREATE "PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator" pdf       NO-ERROR.

CREATE "PDFCreator.PDFCreatorOptions" pdfop NO-ERROR.




                 pdfop = PDF:cOptions

                   PDFop:AutosaveDirectory = SESSION:TEMP-DIRECTORY + "/"

                   PDFop:AutosaveFilename = c-nrnota

                   PDFop:UseAutosave = 1

                   PDFop:UseAutosaveDirectory = 1

                   PDFop:ShowAnimation = 0

                   PDFop:AutosaveFormat = 0

                   PDF:cOptions = PDFop

                   PDF:cDefaultPrinter = "PDFCreator"

                   PDF:cPrinterStop = FALSE.

                   PDF:cPrintFile(SESSION:TEMP-DIRECTORY + "/" + ttArquivo.nomeArquivo).


we did many test with Windows Server 2008 R2 here and did not have this problem. What happens, when you use PDFCreator regularly? Are you then able to convert PDFs multiple times?

And what happens when you enable logging? Is something in the log file?

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