Creating large pdf file error 4gb


Since we decided to move to a peperless world, we decided that all our report would be in PDF instead of printed paper.

Overall it work great except when i need to create a pdf file that has over 3500 pages. (some go as high as 15 000 pages)

When pdf creator start creating the pdf file, it will work fine unless the document use more than 4gb in the spool. (+-3500 pages gives me 4gb in the spool)

Once it reach 4gb, the process will stop at whatever page it was at and leave the rest as untreated. my program will stop with a print error. The file would still be created but it would only contain 3500 pages

i tried different pdf printer (10 to pe precise) and none of them worked. All stopped at 4gb with the same problem.

The only was i was able to do it is with the adobe printer that comes with adobe standard (it was a version 8 standard) but since i need to do this on 3 different station, i don't want to buy 3 licence.

is there a way around this or what does the adobe pdf printer has that all the others don't ? 

All 3 system are Winxp Pro 32bit with 1 to 2gb of memory.



This problem seems to be a limitation of Windows.
After hours of searching, i did not find any solution to bypass the spool limit of 4GB

I don't know if Windows 64bit have the same limitation. I might give it a try but then it won't be WinXP 64 bit but i would go straight to Win 7 64bit.

If i find a solution i will post back.