Creating smaller TIF files

I'm trying to print from word and I've set PDFCreator to save the file as TIF.  When I print just a one page document it creates a 6MB file.  Are there any settings to make the file significantly smaller?

When I use Microsoft's Image Writer, the same files is only 8KB.



I have the same problem. Were you able to get ahead now.

This is because ay standard TIFF is selected as 150dpi in full color. If you Want b/w tiff i suggest to set in Options in MainMenu of PDF Creator->TIFF and select 300DPI and form the list choose 2 color monohrome G4 fax which is the best compression without data loss... and then output files are very low with all the information.

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Is there any one who knows to set this thru the comn object? I have the function "Public TIFFColorscount As Long"  available but I don't know which value it should have (2 I guyes but there many compressions avaliable with 2 colors)...

For that matter where do I get a full description of the comobjects because the helpfile is just a list of methods and functions but nowhere is a full description of their use.

Sorry, there is no such com help file\\book that describe the com com interface a little better. To write such book is a full time job and needs a lot of time. There are only the some com samples and this forum.

To see what happens if you change a setting and save it -> take a look at the registry at


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