Creator&Architect -Need Both? PLUS Google Sign-Up Issues

Hello. I just installed Architect and I am looking forward to using it. I am confused as to why I would also need Creator? It seems Architect includes the functionality of Creator? Or, perhaps I am missing something. Do I need both apps?

Also, I tried many times to sign up via the app of architect, and there were a couple of bugs with the pops that came up to sign in using a google account. No matter what I tried, the pop-up would not provide a "NEXT" button after 2-part ver. and then when I managed another wway to sign up, the permissions button would was not clickable.

Hi @nfzi,

For certain use cases PDFCreator will be the right choice. Since you are happy with PDF Architect you can uninstall PDFCreator.

Please contact the PDF Architect Support team for your issues regarding Google Sign-Up:

Best regards

Thank you., I am asking you what the features are of Creator that are not included in Architect?

PDFCreator has it strengths when creating automated workflows, user tokens, using a COM interface, saving converted document to specific locations to name of few...

If you want to edit existing documents or use OCR PDF Architect is the right choice.

Good information thanks for sharing