"Critical Error" Crash When Creating PDF From Scanner

Been trying to create a PDF from scanner for a while now with no luck.  First time I try, it gets through the scanning dialog and actually scans, but when it goes to create the PDF, it crashes w/a “Critical Error” window.  After the first crash, it crashes immediately every time I click the “From Scanner” button.  Only way to get it past that is to restart the computer, then I’m back to the crashing during the scan.

Anyone else having this problem?  Scanner is a Canon MX882 networked MFP under W7 x64.  Yes I’ve updated the drivers.  Yes, I’ve submitted a support request and they told me to reinstall.  Yes, I’ve reinstalled PDF Architect.  Yes, I’ve updated to the newest version of PDF Architect.  Yes, I’ve run PDF Architect w/elevated rights.  No, the problem hasn’t gone away.