Crop PDFPage to Selection

Is there a functionality to crop the PDF Page to the selection? 

a. Select text + pictures
b. e.g. Rightclick and “crop to selection” (like e.g. in 'GIMP’



no sorry this isn´t available.



Is there any plan to add this feature? Cause it’s the second time, that I need this possibility

I’ve found a open source solution for my problem “pdf scissors”: But it would be realy realy greate if you put this functionality also directly into pdf architect

Found an other open source solution with the “cut” or “snipped” function:

Is there any plan to add a similar feature to the realy good pdf architect?


there is a now a “snapshot” feature as part of the free view module, which actually does the opposite but can also be used to crop (by copying the snapshot to a new empty PDF).
This will of course not help if you can’t have any blank edges.
I think this is an interesting feature and it should be possible to implement, but there is a lot to do so I can’t promise it will be available.

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