Curious Before Buying

I’m Working towards purchasing PDF architect. I’m thinking of two licences, one for work and one for home.
So my questions are:
Is it a one time purchase? or do i have to subscribe like Adobe, (which is who I am leaving, due to subscription fees).
I go to the website to purchase, and it says cost $109.00, now $54.50. I select it, go to the purchase screen, and it charges you $109.00. Process payment. Whats up? I’m willing to buy two licences, but not for $109.00 a pop.

Hit me back asap! So i can decide what i’m goin to do.



the licenses are a one time purchase of the main version, e.g. if you purchase PDF Archtiect 5, you can use PDF Architect 5.x forever but will need to purchase an update if you’d like to update to PDF Architect 6 later on. In general the lower price was probably displayed for the standard package, while $109 is the price for the pro package. As I am not 100% certain what you saw, it might also have been a promotional price, but of course this shouldn’t change after clicking on the buy link. Out payment provider Upclick does add a “downlod protection” by default but this would be a much smaller difference.

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