Custom Building PDFCreator

I've been trying to build a slightly customized version of PDFCreator. I've noticed some features that others have requested, and am trying to build them into the program.

I've done a fair bit of work fixing up the bugs in the (.iss) install script. So far so good. But I've got some questions on what support files need to be included, and where I can obtain some of them.

If anyone is interested in this stuff, please contact me. You can see what's been done so far at:



 If you want to create another branch I would like to know the list of new/improved features your are in mind. I've seen your page but none list at all.

The job seems to be too complex in order to achieve only better installs or so.

I also wondering if the improvements can't be made in collaboration with the original developers?

The program has been created using vb6? Or my bad understand ?
Really curious, vb6 is out since a lot of years.
If this is the case, can be ported to ?