Dark theme for architect

Any chance we will get a dark theme to architect?

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Hello again,

Love the idea :heart_eyes: and forwarded it to development.

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How keen is development in implementing new ideas? is there any blog or tracker where we can follow what comes next? @Sascha.H

I guess, that every idea or feature request will be 'judged by' cost of implementation against benefits for users. I have not heard if the dark theme will be implemented in PDF Architect 7...

No, currently there is no blog or tracker of what comes next - not for PDF Architect / PDFCreator. Once a new version is released changes are announced in the product manual, RSS news feed (PDFCreator), our blog or the what's new page (PDF Architect).

Cool, any eta to version 7? Qx?

908 views does not seem like we are alone with wanting this feature, any updates here @Sascha.H _

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I also love this one as well. Thank you!

Just got a confirmation: It won’t be part of the next version :grimacing: however, it is still on the wish list.

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All the best buddy. Enjoy ...........

Any news on Dark Theme for PDF Architect? That would be such a welcome improvement!

After the collosol screwups with version 8 and the latest releases that for ex breaks the built in auto update feature without no recall or clear communication to their customers about this error i finally came to one conclusion.

I have complained, informed and showed numerous improvements or bugs regarding PDFA with lack of technical support or understanding until i naged and got it escalated.

With the sum of all and the time iwe put in to excel and try to help out i finally stoped and thought it through and ended my use of PDFA.

Also, can't install it on my work laptop as it requires admin privilege to get it installed and my work have started to manage that.

But the biggest deal breaker is the lack of communication and transparency with no changelogs not even on request.


That doesn't sound to hopefull....