Data via printer to a database

Pdfcreator is a great tool, I am using it at the moment to print data of a assembly line to pdf and the same time a hard copy on a network printer.

After that I import the pdf to an excel sheet so I can store the data in a database SQL or XML, doesn't matter. Once the data are stored in a table with headers I can import/export them anywhere :)

Now I have a new idea and don't know if it is possible.

The data I want to collect looks always the same, it is a list with a heading and a number. Like this:

Article: 32432

Date: 14.10.10

Time: 22:42

Amount: 4532 St

Now my goal is to skip the step of doing a pdf. The user (me ;-) should just the print the data by selecting "pdfcreator" printer and then following should happen

- hard copy on network printer for the archive (I know, we still use paper..)

- the data of the file stored as an excel table for example. Or in a .csv format


Any idea, or is another program better suited for this?


Many thanks