DateTime format

I’ve just downloaded the PDFCreator Test Version.

A lot of changes and a much simpler interface, but it has a show stopper for me.
The replacement operation has changed.

In the previous versions of PDFCreator would be replaced by YYYYMMDDHHmmSS
and this was good. Its key feature is that it can be sorted.

1.9.1 appears to have two replacements for
In the Author template it gets replaced with MM/DD/YYYY h:m:s. This is readable, but its not consistent with Windows. If I see 11/12/2013 - is that December or November. Windows allows me to set the date-time format that I want to see. Surely this replacement should use honour that global configuration. 

In the Filename template it gets replaced with MM_DD_YYYY H:m:s
This cannot be sorted. I like the use of _ to make it a bit more human readable. Ideally it needs to be configurable.

I’m installing the beta. I need a sortable


the new DateTime token can be parameterized. If you use DateTime:yyyyMMddHHmmss, you will get exactly the same formatting.

You can find a complete list of available format characters here: