Default Save Location issue (Registry LastSaveDirectory)

in Version 1.1.0 I'm able to influence the default save location by changing the Registry-Key:


Since Version 1.3.2 the registry changes have no effect, the same in Version 1.4.0

I need this for an automatic process, but I don't find any place where PDFCreator gets this default save location back.


OS: Windows 7 32Bit


Any suggestions?





I'm missing this feature, too. I have always to change the folder to save the PDF file manually. I have this problem on 2 PCs with Windows 7 32-Bit and one PC with Windows XP SP3. If I go back to PDF Creator 1.3.1 the last directory will be remembered.


Please change this behaviour in the next version.


Thanks in advance



BTW, after reinstalling 1.3.1 the previous default save folder will immediately be used.

Fixed in version 1.4.2 or later.


It's fixed.