Default Save Location no longer remembers previous folder

In version 0.99 when you saved a file, the default location for saving the file was always the same as the last file saved.  In version 1.0 it always defaults to My Documents.  Is there a way of switching this back?  I quite often have to print out invoices to a particular folder and so the old way was much better for me.  Now Every time I have to save a file (which can be up to twenty at a time) I have to click through all the folders to get to where I want to save it, which triples the amount of time it takes for me to save the reports.

Any suggestions?  Am I missing a setting somewhere?


I have a similar problem when using auto save. The auto save directory is saved while I am running pdf creator, but as soon as I exit and go back into the programme, going back to the auto save settings shows the auto save folder has reverted back to it's default setting of C:\\PDFs\\\\\\

I agree that this is a pain in the neck with the new version.  I have un-installed it and gone back to the previous version.  I searched throughout the so-called "options", but saw nothing related to remembering the folders previously used.

Are you sure that you are not working with the preview? This was the last fix before we released 1.0.

No.  Downloaded when the software asked me to update yesterday.  Version 0.98 did it fine.  Version 0.99 only remembered the last location when you were on the Default profile, if you created your own one it always reverted to My Documents, and now it always does it.

I don't want to downgrade, but it is a real hassle to have to keep navigating through the folders, and a big step backwards for me.

Just upgraded to 1.0 and I have the same problem. Always wants to save to mydocuments. This is not very user friendly as it does take me way more time to re-select the proper folder where I want to save. Last folder was way better.

Please fix this for us. Thank you for a super program.




Add another user with the same problem.

  • Standard installation
  • XP Pro (32bit).
  • All MS patches and upgrades applied

I am going to revert to my previous version.

As a separate observation, maybe related, I see two profiles under general settings. Both profiles are named Default.  If I delete the second one it reappears; if I rename the second one, it reverts back to default when I reopen options.

I can't live with the problem ether, I reverted to old version. Happy again. I hope this gets fixed. How about a setting to set default location for saving and an option to alway try to open last location? A choice would be great.

Can I send someone a fix for testing?

I've got the same issue with a newly downloaded v1.0.

Please send some new version. The yesterday downloade 1.0 makes the same.

Another bug is that PDF creator istalled as printer is not holding printing resolution set to 150DPI, after the printing reset to 600DPI. The starup of PDF creator from Start menu >setup in >Option >save >save as new config is not helped. After complete reset satyed on 600DPI too. Thanks. 

A temporary workaround in WinXP is to right-click the folder, select "Send to / Desktop (create shortcut)", then on the desktop drag the new shortcut into My Documents.

I would be more than happy to test a fix.

I observe the same bug with the 1.0.0 I just downloaded, on win xp sp3. Please fix. If you provide a link to download a beta, I will try it.

I would be glad in receiving a fix. It's very boring have to navigate from one folder to another every document saved.


Also, how can I call PDFCREATOR from a batch procedure, give to it a file name to convert to PDF? Is PDFCREATOR able to receive an argument?

I have the same problem with version 1.0 on Windows XP SP3.

Please fix it soon!

Deinstall v1.0 and back to last version.


I'll happily test a fix.  Please feel free to send me a link to download and try it.

I am happy to say that support sent me a link to 1.0.1 test version. All works fine. Looks like the bug will be resolved in the next version.

That's great news!  Any idea on timescales for the new release?

I have had similar problems with other software. I have no idea if this applies to pdf creator as well but it might be worth a try.

In cases like this I run the software as administrator and the setting are saved magically :slight_smile: