Deploy PDFCreator with offline activation?

Hi there,

I'm trying to deploy PDFCreator 2.1.2 in our Network using the administrative MSI. We are using SCCM2012 and so the deploment is running under system-account, wich means no Internet Connection. Therefor the Installation fails. I allready have an Offline Activation-Code and the resulting Activation-Code for our Lifetime license. How do I build this into my msi-Installation?


basically there is no offline activation for MSI, since the codes are generated from hardware ID and will only work for the machine where they were generated. All clients need to have an internet connection in order to activate PDFCreator Plus for Business when deploying by MSI, the offline activation will only work for individual machines.
If there is no option to configure this from your end, please let us know and we will try to find a solution.

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Hi Robin,
we tried different ways to install the msi. We are behind a firewall and a proxy. Although we tried an authentification your setup provides, the inernet communication fails. This is due our security settings. No Standard PC is communication via system account, and the installtion starts with the system account.
So we need a solution that fits our needs.

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I have the same problem. We have a license and created a package to distribute via SCCM. When on the client it tries to activate every two weeks. We want another solution because the activation does not work with our Internet proxy. And we already bought a license for 1 year. Why should we activate every 2 weeks. Is there a solution otherwise we have to search for another PDF creation tool.