Developper project file

Hi everybody.

I would like to work on a project similar to pdfcreator. I would like to open the IDE project PdfCreator in a IDE. What IDE do you use et where can i find the project?

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you can find the source on our sorceforge page. We (have to) use Visual Basic 6 at the moment, but we are working on reimplemeting PDFCreator in c# with Visual Studio.

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Thanks for your quick answer.

Hi, just wondering how far along you are with your reimplementation in C# you are? We are using an old version of PDFCreator with some custom modifications which I now need to update, and I sure would find it a lot easier using C# than VB6!


there is still a long way to go with that, but we have something that is getting close to something you could call prototype. We are able to do a lot of end-user things so far (Converting PDFs, image format, encryption, signing, sending mails, calling custom actions etc), but there are also things that are not finished, i.e. no manual, no setup, no COM interface and no Server mode.

All this will follow of course, but is not done yet and it is hard to put a schedule on this. We will most likely release the first version to the public soon and will continue to work on it from there.

You said that you have done some custom modifications. Can you explain a little what you have been doing there? I am asking because we still are (partially) in a deisgn phase and I would like to understand what you are doing, maybe this can be implemented in a way that can allow coexistence of modifications you did (once reimplemented on your and our side) and an out-of-the-box version of PDFCreator.

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Sure, thanks for the quick reply. Basically what we had done is modified
the printing dialog to be specifically for emailing, like this. If the user chooses the email option then the file is saved for them temporarily and then cleaned up after.

I think the version that we made these changes in was 0.8, which we seem to have problems with on Windows Server 2008 R2, which is why I am trying to re-implement the same changes in the newest version.