Did not notice PDFCreator Plus setup-instructions email

Hi, I purchased PDFCreator Plus, and did not notice the setup-instructions email.  I checked the Junk mailbox.  Because I did not notice the email, I do not know the email address of the support team.  What should I do?

DETAILS: I ordered by 2016-01-17 22:22 mst, a week ago.  The webpage said,

“pdfforge Online Store

Thank You For Your Order

Order ID:

Charges will appear on your bill as: FS *pdfforge.org

PDFCreator Plus - 3 Years [1]

Thank you for donating to the PDFCreator project

Name: Daniel Sandler

(I do not know the pdfcreator plus version, and I happen to have Windows 8.1)


please contact us at support(at)pdfforge(dot)org we will then find the data you are missing.

best regards,