Directed output does not go where specified

 We use PDFCreator on windows platforms to convert our documents for automatically attaching to emails generated by our application.

To achieve this we write to the registry, the file name and destination folder.

The creation and attachment works well for many users however there are a number who this morning will be generating pdfs and emailing successfully and this afternoon will not be able to email because the generated PDF is not in the expected location.

Watching the PDFCreator print queue, we see the file in the queue and we see it disappear as processing is done, but the output pdf does not appear in the destimation folder.

I have checked the Registry and the data in there is correct.

The only way to get the operation to resume is to uninstall PDFCreator and re-install.

The issue is commonly happening on Win 7 but has happened on Win XP as well.