Disable Conversion in Profile


Trying of fix a problem, so I need work with two print queue in PDF Creator, The first would receive the data and create the PDF File and print it to the second Print Queue created for PDF creator.

This second print queue wouldn't be nothing on original PDF File, only execute a script configured in the profile to this second print queue.

I can see that all print queue inside the PDFCreator execute a conversion process and in this case don't work for me.

Is possible, disable conversion file in a profile?

Best Regards
Luis Arturo


why don't you execute the script directly inside the first print queue, if the second is supposed to do nothing other than that?
To answer your question, you can't disable conversion in the profile settings, but you can call PDFCreator.exe /Printfile=some.pdf and for PDF or PS files this will directly process the file without printing it.

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