Do any of the authors monitor this Help Thread

I've looked through quite a few of the most recent post to Help and have yet to find any which have been addressed by the authors of PDFCreator.

You guys do know that you're suppossed to help out here? Or is PDFCreator just another example of free junk? Even though it's free it's still junk unless you guys at Forge assume some ownership.

If you don't have an answer to a problem than at least acknowledge that, so we know there is a live person(s) out there who claims some interest in their effort. There's no shame is saying "I don't know, but will look into it"

Or do you just not care and are intent to stroke yourselves and sell a new browser and toolbar for yahoo via your setup app. There is some shame in that.

Of course we monitor the forums but the most answers are in the help file or in the FAQ. And the forums are forums were users can help users. And if I find time I try to find an answer for each question. The other time I try to improve PDFCreator or develope new open source tools.

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