DOS Printing generates blank PDF / Error


I do want to use PDFCreator to generate PDFs with our old ERP system, that usually prints by sending ESC Sequences and ASCII Text to a Windows Printserver -> \\printserver\printer directly.

With normal “Windows based” jobs, all works fine, but with the old ERP, PDFCreator just generates some blank PDFs.
The Log says
Server is 2008 r2
PDFCreator is 1.7.2.
Clients printed from: Win7 32/64 Bit and Server 2008 R2
does anyone have an Idea what is going wrong ?

anyone ?!

no way. DOS-Printing is not supported. PDFCreatore needs a windows printeroutput.

Maybe another solution:
Can you capture the printoutput into a file ? Are you able to change the ESC-sequences yourself?
I could do so in my old DOS-ERP, so I change the PCL-sequences for a HP-laserjet to RTF-sequences and redirected the output into a file. This file can be printed with word using PDFCreator .

too bad :frowning:

I hoped to get some soloution that wont require me to change that much code :\ ( some antique language plus completely crappy and uncommented code … ).
Hopefully I’ll find another way.
pdfcreator was so promising … print to a PDF and then just print that Generated PDF.
Could have saved me a lot of time :frowning:

But thanks for your reply