DOSPRN, batches and Pdf forge


I have a particular problem that I am looking to resolve. At my work we use a rather old pascal program. Recently I have been using DOSPRN to print graph files generated by the program to a modern printer.
Using Dosprn I am able to select a pdf printer and I would like to use that feature however, my pascal program generates 2 graphs per file which it sends directly out to print and we typically run a batch file of 50 files - so 100 graphs.
Could pdf forge auto name and save them as they come up (ideally) or would there need to be user input for each file to be saved?

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there are a number of filename tokens available for auto saving files, from simple counters to date/time or using information being sent from the printing application. All the details can be found here:

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That sounds good. I will have a play about with the filename tokens when I get a little time at work.

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