Download Setup Executable for PDFCreator 1.6.1

I found the older versions dating back to 2.5.1, but I need the executable for 1.6.1 … I realize this is extremely old, and no one wants liability for older releases, but its open source anyways, so if someone can please provide a link to the 1.6.1 setup executable that would be a lifesaver.

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You can find here the version 1.7.1
Hope it will be acceptable for your need.

Hi Marpon,

where can I find the source to your tool?

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Hi Robin

I did not publish the sources, for AllToPdf, nor the french version TousEnPdf.

I've done the code 4 years ago, using PowerBasic v10.3 but unfortunatly after a disk drive failure i've lost most of the source files.

That the raison, i've never updated pdfcreator > 1.x because of the change of COM objects...
so i still continue to work with 1.7.1 pdfcreator version.

Recently, i've just hacked the old french exe version to translate it to english (because my sister needed it in english)
that the raison to publish it again here.