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This has probably been answered before but hopefully you'll help me anyways.  I am trying to download the free PDFCreator software.  I keep getting Information Message:  "Connect to Internet and Press okay"  I open Internet Explorer and press OK but the message keeps coming up.  What does it mean when it says "Connect to Internet"?   If this is in FAQs, please link me to same.  Thanks. 


please make sure that you use this download:

there was an issue with fake ads displayed on sourceforge. If you still get this message: can you make a screenshot of it?

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I will do so.  Do I have to set Yahoo as my default search engine and install Search Settings to alert me to any attempts to change it?  Would appreciate a quick reply on this as I am in the process of installing which by the way is different that when I tried before.


I used the above link but install process seems to have stopped before completion.  Setup-PDFCreator Dialog Box says:

Installing:  Please wait while Setup installs PDFCreator on your computer.

Extracting files...

The green completion bar is near the beginning.

How long does it take to download usually? 

I chose to not have Yahoo as home page.  Is this okay?

While installing can I use google or other site or should I not use internet. 

Does the site where I downloaded the program from have to be open until done installing?

What do I do now?  As you can tell, I don't know what I'm doing.  I've never downloaded anything.


you do not have to choose yahoo, that is completely optional. You also do not have to keep the download site open.

While the installer stops while extracting "C:\\Windows\\system32\\MSMPIDE.DLL", does anything else show up like your anti virus program? (this should not happen as this is a standard DLL)

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I think Internet Explorer disconnected (crashed?) before the software downloaded.  Nothing else appeared that I saw.  I checked under Control Panel/Programs and PDFCreator/pdfforge does not appear.  My operating system is Vista.

Hello Phillip:

I tried putting a reply to your comment but it seemed to disappear.  So you may see 2 replies.  Please ignore one.

I think Internet Explorer disconnected (crashed?) before the software downloaded.  I checked Control Panel/Programs and the software does not appear to be there.  I have Vista operating system.  Should I try again?

I did not see anything else working.



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Yes, please retry the download.

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