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Tried searching this but no luck. I’m using Architect 3 (The latest version I think) with Windows 8.1 and I’ve been trying to edit bookmarks so that they link to different pages, but I can only interact with the “Add”, “Rename” and “Delete” buttons. Once I make a bookmark it appears, but when I right click on a bookmark and click on any of the drop down options, none of them function. Does anyone know how to fix this?


this seems to be a bug, strangly enough you are the first one to report it, but I was able to reproduce this on my machine so I don’t think it is related to settings. I will create a ticket for the issue.

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Thank you for the reply, I’m somewhat glad that it’s not just me. Will there be a reply to this discussion when a fix comes out or should I just check for updates from the program itself?

I’m having the same problem. I can add, rename and delete bookmarks, but when I click on a bookmark, it won’t work. There’s no point in adding bookmarks that you can’t use to navigate, and this seems like an issue that should be relatively simple to resolve. (It’s also important. I wouldn’t need PDF Architect 3 if I didn’t need to create large PDFs, and those are extremely difficult to navigate without bookmarks.) When will there be a fix?

I also cannot link to a page with a bookmark, it keeps telling me to “re-start in order to activate all the installed features”.
I do that and still no links. Has this been looked into or solved yet???


this is not the same issue but I suspect the application isn’t restarted properly. Please update to the latest version and disable “hibernate on close for fast launch” in help->options->general before restarting. The bookmarks are fully functional in the latest PDF Archtiect 4 version, I just tested them again to be sure.

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I'm using PDF Architect 4 but still having this problem. When I make a new bookmark, it always gets added to the end of the list of bookmarks, and I can edit its name or delete it, but if I click on it there is no response.


do you have the latest updates for PDF Architect 4 installed?

Should be a 4.1 version, it might still be broken in 4.0.

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Yes, it's a 4.1 version. I also tried disabling hibernate on close in case that affects the bookmarks, but I don't think it does.

PM me your key and I will try to get a free upgrade to PDF Architect 5 for you.

Bookmark problems.
It's 16 October 2018 and I see some unresolved questions about bookmarks since 2015.

I downloaded and paid for PDF Architect 6 Pro OCR (v6.1.19.1842) today, installed all the options (on Windows 10), restarted twice since then, and continued working on a document previously created with Adobe Acrobat. I did the following:

Inserted a one-page PDF file. (Insert from file, After last.) THAT WORKED.
Added a bookmark for this page using the following:

  • Bookmarks panel, Add, typed name1, Enter. Bookmark is shown, but DOES NOT WORK.

  • Right-click on page, Insert Bookmark, typed name2, Enter. Bookmark is shown, IT WORKS.

  • Tried to drag-and-drop Bookmark Name2 to where I want it. DOES NOT WORK.

  • With this page selected but at a different bookmark position, Right-click, Add before, typed name3, Enter.
    Bookmark is shown, but DOES NOT WORK.

Therefore three questions:

  1. Have I missed something, can you suggest some other way of doing these things?
  2. Is there a way to rearrange bookmarks?
  3. Judging by the forum subject "Editing Bookmarks", the bookmark problems seem to be 3 years old with 1,100 views, which suggests it's a problem area for many users. Is pdfForge likely to fix this soon?

When we send a document to a client, bookmarks make it easy for the client to navigate the document. Overall I like PDF Architect on my first day using it, and I hope to install it for my colleagues. Hopefully these functionality issues can be resolved.

Thanks for your help.

Just downloaded and installed an update - it now shows version
The bookmark problems (see post 16/10/18) are still there.

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This is truly infuriating.

I purchased the Pro + OCR specifically for a bookmark function. After spending my money and my time trying to figure out how to properly use the bookmark function, it has become apparent to me that the problem is likely not user error.

This thread has existed since June of 2015 and the bookmark problem still has not been fixed?!?

I hope the problem has been addressed and I am just overlooking it, because the programs seems to be very useful.

I feel like I will need to demand my money back if something as simple as a bookmark feature is not working.


I contacted customer support and they were able to fix the problem.

Since I had the free version already installed on my computer, when I upgraded to premium and installed the premium software it messed up the original program.

Customer support timely responded with a link to uninstall the free version completely, as well as a link to install the premium version from scratch.

Once I uninstalled the free version and reinstalled with the premium version, everything worked as expected.

I hope this helps someone!