Editing text in PDF (Again)



By searching for "edit" I found 2 posts by people who ask if it is possible to edit a text already in your version of  PDF, and if so, how to do it. No answers have been posted so far.


I have the same questions.


If I don't receive an answer, I assume that it is not possible to edit text in your PDF version. (In which case I might have to look for another version.)






In the mean time I found out that I can just mark/copy the PDF text and paste it in WordPad. After editing it in WordPad I mark/copy it and paste to a new PDF.

Thank you for this very handy program!


PS: I also noticed that by using the above methode the text from the PDF is appearing in WordPad, but the spaces between the paragraphs are gone. It has become one solid block of text. So that besides other alterations, the spaces as they are in the original PDF have to be edited in again in WordPad before turning it into a new PDF. 

So I keep the original WordPad version and do the editing in it. That way the original spaces in the text remain when I edit the rest of the text before I turn it into a new PDF. 

And to have a spelling checker I use the free word processor Jarte which utilizes WordPad but adds options to it: http://www.jarte.com/?so=j&ed=s&ve=34

(Word I don't have, and it is to much of a battleschip to me anyway.)

Again, thank you developers for this great PDF program!