"email" not working in xenapp


well actually it somewhat works. If i log into it with rdp then open up pdfcreator (ver 0.9.8. server 2003, outlook express) and from options print test page and then from the waiting list press email - it works.

If i print and try to email from some application, say IE, i get this error:


Ideas ?



Anybody ?

I upped the pdfcreator to latest, no change. The server is 2003 64 bit - is that causing it ?

Did another test, logged in with remote desktop, printed something and asked pdfcreator to open it after saving with adobe reader. All fine, document opened and i was enable to email it from there.

Can i log some errors maybe ?

And one more thing, citrix is living in M:\\ not C:\\ and progam files are all also there


Anybody ?