Environment Variables are only loaded once (on Systemstart) [V4.4.0.10]

Hello to all,

I'm using Windows Server 2016, PDFCreator V4.4.0.10 and Environment variables to set dynamic Filenames and -directories. Or better: I would like to, but:
When I change the variables with CMD-line and "SETX" command. In Windows the new values are shown with the new values. PDF-Creator only loads the value of the Enviromentvariables once (after systemstart) and keeps them "saved" until next systemstart.

Are there any Windows-Rights or other things I have to change?
"Funny" thing: I had installed the annother Windows maschine with PDFCreator V4.3.0.6 and updated it to V4.4.0.10 - there it works fine. Could this be a workaround?