Epilogue.ps & prologue.ps

Hello I use an epilogue and prologue with Acrobot to put a timestamp on my PDFs..

Can this be migrated into PDFCreator?  I programically change the text file's portion in red before printing to the PDF printer driver when using acrobot.

I attached the epilogue to the bottom so that you could see.

Thank You,


%  epilogue.ps
%  This file can be used to add custom PostScript code that you
%  wish to have executed at the end of every PostScript job
%  being distilled. If the option labelled "Use Prologue.ps and
%  Epilogue.ps" is selected in the "Advanced" panel of the "Job
%  Options" dialog, the contents of this file will be executed
%  after the actual PostScript file is run. This file is executed
%  when the "UsePrologue" parameter is set to "true" in the job
%  options file. This file is usually located in Distiller's "Data"
%  directory, but it may in fact reside anywhere in the same folder
%  or directory as the Distiller application. This file can be used
%  for a variety of purposes, including running PostScript procedures
%  for summarizing and printing job statistics collected during
%  distillation.

(Processing epilogue.ps...\ ) print flush

<< /BeginPage
{ pop gsave 1 30 translate 90 rotate /Helvetica 16 selectfont .8
1 0 0 setrgbcolor newpath 350 -605 moveto
(Report Generated Mon 3/28/05 6:03:20 AM)
show grestore }
>> setpagedevice

(Done processing epilogue.ps.\ ) print flush

%  End of file.


I used the following to accomplish the same results.. :)


This is actually more straight foward...

Great that someone use the pdfforge.dll.

He can also use an "Action before saving" to modify the postscript file.