Error During PDF Architect 6 Instalation

  Hi, I just download the PDF Creator and PDF Architect from Main Domain page

And during the PDF Creator installation was observed an error during this installation, this is about error at op.exe the message in the monitor said “A connection with the server could not be established” and I skip this error and I can to expore and use the program.
But the problem is when I try to install the PDF Architecture 6, I can to download the exe file and made the Installation but durin this installation send me this error "Download error "; and at pick the error description, view this in two modules ( View Module and Create Module ) that said "Error code: Failed to connect() to host or proxy"in both Modules.

Please help me, what I need to do in order to work the PDF Architect at least in these two modules?

Hi @Jimmy68!

You can ignore this particular error in the PDFCreator setup. (Fortunately the op.exe is not needed to completely install PDFCreator.)

You can use the msi package to install PDF Architect ‘offline’:
Please download and install PDF Architect using our MSI installation package.

Follow these six steps in order to complete the installation with our MSI installers:

  • Download the package here:
  • Unzip the downloaded file ‘’
  • Open the unzipped folder and choose between the folder ‘x64’ if your PC is running a 64-bit Windows or ‘x86’ for 32-bit Windows.
  • Install the file ‘pdf-architect6-startup’ (double-click to start the setup)
  • Install all other files from the chosen folder for a complete installation. (You might skip the modules you did not buy)
  • After the installation of all modules is completed, start PDF Architect and click log-in on the upper right corner to login with your PDF Architect account

Hi,I really apreciate your help, thanks!, I was following the instructions and get the installation successfully, at least the free options as View module!, thanks for your support, I have one more issue at these program, is the next:
The View module has an option in the top right corner “Get Free Create Features”, I Click in these option and made the request but optain only the next message: “Sorry, no internet connection detected. Please check your connection and try again”
I check these but I don’t understand the fail
I’m confused becuase I have connection to internet, and I can download your program, send and receive e-mails and more.
What I need to do in order to get these comunication and get these free create features?


I suspect that an antivirus or firewall blocks the internet access for PDF Architect.

Could you please check that?