Error Message when install PDF Creator 1.73

When I try to install PDF Creator v1.7 we got a error message:

Runtime error at 406:278
Access Denied

We use a ordinary Windows 7 64 bit
The user is a local administrator.
I’ve tried to install as administrator as well.  Same error

What to do?

I’ve tried to move the install file to another LOCAL directory - Same error


did you have any version of PDFCreator installed previously?
Please check if the pdfcreator printer and the pdfcmon.dll (in windows\system32) were deleted.

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No… this was a clean install

I’ve been searching for the file you asked for and it’s not found.


I am afraid we can’t reproduce this problem on our XP test machine. Please try installing directly after rebooting the computer and close any applications which might be running.

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