Error occured while trying to replace the existing file mscomctl.ocx

I'm doing a silent/unattended install, but it fails with the following error:


An error occured while trying to replace the existing file:
DeletFile failed; code 5.
Access Denied.

This is happens on Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit

The command line I used is:
pdfcreator-0_9_9_setup.exe /silent /components=\\"!toolbar\\" /tasks=\\"!desktop_icon\\"" /f /norestart

Also a normal next next finish installation gives me this error. 

I also tested with the 1.0 preview version but it gives the same result.

Is this a know issue and is there a solution?

This happens if there are running programs which using this file. Please close all applications before you install PDFCreator.

ok, I will try that. But why replace the mscomctl.ocx if it already exists

You are getting the error probably because it is trying to replace the mscomctl.ocx file in \\system32. mscomctl.ocx is a system file and Windows 7 will not let anything fsck around with system32 files unlike Windows XP.

The reason why PDFCreator probably needs *its* version of mscomctl.ocx is because there is some function(s) that it needs that is/are missing from the more recent version in Windows 7. The workaround is to copy the mscomctl.ocx in the same folder as the exe (PDFCreator.exe (?) ) needing it. I'm not sure if it needs to be registered or not as well. If so, the makers of PDFCreator will have to hope that their new MSI packaging tool includes an "Application Isolation" feature to get around that.

You could also try the 1.0 preview version: