"Errore Interno" occured while installing PDFCreator 2.2.0


I can’t install PDFCreator 2.2.0. 
PDFCreator 1.5.0 has already installed at my PC.

In log file see such details:

 Defaulting to OK for suppressed message box (OK):
 Runtime Error (at 290:207):

 Errore Interno An attempt was made to expand the “app” constant before it was initialized.
 Deinitializing Setup.
 Log closed.

Can you help me, please?


please try to uninstall your old PDFCreator version manually, restart your computer and then install the newest version: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/PDFCreator-stable 

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Thanks for your answer!
But can i avoid this error without deinstallation of PDFCreator 1.5.0?
Why this error occurred?all my friends install it without problems:(


the version 2.2.0 will always uninstall older versions, usually this works automatically.
The error you are getting seems to be a timing issue, in most cases simply rebooting the computer once solves it.

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