Est-ce un achat définitif ? Peut on l'acheter pour plusieurs PC?

Je souhaiterai acheter le package PDF Architect Pro.
Est-ce un achat définitif ou il faut le renouveler ?
Peut-on acheter un Package pour plusieurs PC ?
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unfortunately I do not speak French. But I hope I got the questions right.

A PDF Architect license is a lifetime license. There is no need to renew it.

It is possible, to get one activation key with multiple activations. But there is no package for multiple systems with a discount.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I have another question : if I buy one licence for one computer, when I will change this computer, can I keep this licence ?
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Hi Laura,

yes you can keep the license, but if you change your PC you will need to write a short mail to our support, so that we can disable the license key and create a new one for you. Technically the keys are always tied to a hardware ID.

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