Every time i run PDFCreator, the windows installer wants to run

Every time I create a PDF it goes through the conversion, and then it wants to run my windows professional 2010 install

if i allow it to run in don't matter, it will do it every time

if i cancell, i have to cancell 4 time before i get to the save screen to PDFCreator

any information?

let the installer run and do what it wants once then it will stop pestering you - do not press cancel untill instller is done what it wants to do

I have office 2010 and windows 7 installed yet everytime I try to print a document (doesn't matter which document either .txt .docx) to PDFCreator it prompts for the office 2003 installer files.. which it obviously won't find so after pressing cancel a million times it will continue and print.. (and no not printing 2003 documents with macros enabled of any of that stuff)

Any idea what's happening here?? I would have thought it to be smart enough to see that I only have 1 version of office installed. (and have only ever had 1 version installed on this box)

Please help as I cannot understand why it is asking for office 2003 files unless this is a pre-req to PDFCreator?





it sounds like this problem is caused by an broken MSI installation, try fixing it with http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301.





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