Excel 2010 file with many graphs takes forever to PDF

Hello.  I have an Excel 2010 spreadsheet 100 pgs long, and of those 98 have bar graphs (thus 98 graphs).  I have older PDF software that will blow through this in Excel 2003 in about 15-20 secs, total, but is not Office 2010 compatible.

I'm trying PDF Creator as my 2003/2010 solution, and will have a number of these types of reports to create in 2010.  Problem is, it takes like 15-20 secs to spool a page with PDF Creator.

PDFing a few pages goes quickly, but the 100-page doc really bogs down.  I have downloaded the latest 1.2.1 version - which is what I'm testing with.  Are there any settings I can change to both keep the resolution of my graphs, yet speed up the process?