Excel page breaks

I posted recently about changing paper sizes in both your software and again in PDFCreator to print properly sized images positioned correctly on the properly sized paper - particularly with User Defined Size paper.

Today I was having problems printing (creating *.pdf) from Excel.  PDFCreator was taking a two page spreadsheet, chopping off the bottom 5 rows of cells on page 1, and moving them to page 2.  Spreadsheet page 2 then became *.pdf page 3.

It also appeared to have added 1"+ of margin to the left hand side of the *.pdf, making the right hand edge of the spreadsheet print up to the edge of the *.pdf view.

After much trial & error, I discovered my paper size in Excel was set to "Letter" (8.5x11.0").  However, when I reset the paper size to "Letter Small" (also 8.5x11.0"....), my problem was solved.

I don't understand how 8.5x11.0” paper is different from 8.5x11.0” paper, but apparently it is!