Excel VBA - Late Binding Reference PDF File Open & Close

I am using PDF Architect to Open, view, then Close a list of PDF files in Excel.
I need help with the late binding references in VBA. I only want to open 1 instance of PDF Architect, then open, reference and close PDF files within PDF Architect.

Could someone fill-in the late binding references, and any missing code, in the code below:

Sub OpenPDFViaPDFForge()

Dim sFile As String
Dim dllFile As String, exeFile As String
'Late Binding
Dim PDFApp As Object, PDFDoc As Object

dllFile = "C:\Program Files\PDF Architect 7\creator\plugins\OfficeAddin\creator-excel-plugin.dll"
exeFile = "C:\Program Files\PDF Architect 7\architect.exe"

Set PDFApp = CreateObject("") '<<<< HELP PDF Architect
Set PDFDoc = CreateObject("") '<<<< HELP Individual PDF files

With wsFileList
sFile = .Cells(2, 3).Value

'Open File
PDFDoc.Open sFile, vbNormalFocus

'Close File

End With 'wsFileList

'Release memory
Set PDFDoc = Nothing
Set PDFApp = Nothing
End Sub

Thank you!