Execute scripts from java on actions panel

My PDFCreator version is the 1.3.2 (spanish version) im running it on Windows Xp V2002 SP3, and java version 7 update 4


Hello everyone. I was searching for a couple hours something about executing scripts .java on the: Option -> Actions -> Action after saving.

sorry for my ignorance, but it is possible? 

It seems to me like you have to call the Wshell with the command line: pdftk and the parametters, from your script, but i dont know how the pdfcreator excecutes the script. On the main page of the pdftk, there appear a couple scripts coded on java... so it made me wonder if it is possible. I downloaded them but when i add them, on the text box on the Action after Saving, it just open the .java on the note pad ... im missing anything?



you need to use a batch file which opens java together with the script you want to execute.