Extremely slow pdf creation in (xenapp) presentation server


"pdf Creator"  is installed as a local printer in presentation server (server is 64 bit 2003), installed as an application.

If i do remote desktop connection to this server everything works fast (7 kb pdf done in 2 secs or so), if i connect to this server with online plugin (ver 12.1 i think) from LAN it's also fast but not this fast anymore. Now real life is VPN connection using online plugin - the same pdf creation takes about 30 seconds !

The 0kb pdf file is created immedialtely in presentation server and then passes 30 secs and file is ready :) Where does this 30 secs go ?

The setup for this printer is temp files will be created in server, everything temp is in server, mail client which gets launched after file is created is in server. If i don't use this setup but try just to save the file it still takes 30 secs so it's not outlook issue.

Am i missing some printing policy here ? What kind of policy / setup is needed for such printer ? Print job routing is causing this or ? should i log something in order to troubleshoot this ? If yes then what and how ?

Tried a trial version of deskpdf - works fast.

So here's the answer to others who struggle :)

It's because of ghostscript, it has probably hardcoded in it that check stuff from c$  first.
But c$ might be clients c$ if client drives are mapped. Which was the case.
In my case citrix system volume is m$ and clients c$ indeed is the same letter in citrix.
So ghost script went looking for stuff from there and this is slow if over WAN.

The solution (not so elegant) - create a dummy c$ drive in citrix :) Mapped clients c$ now become for example T$.
Voila "pdf Creator" is fast and excellent pdf printing solution again and a free one.

Dear Developers, can you please look into this ? There might be a easy fix for this one ?