Failed to create a document


Running latest pdf Architect Pro on Win 10. I try to create a document by merging files and I get the error message "Failed to create a document." If I close everything down and restart, pdf Architect works fine. This is an inconvenience, and I don't know what is causing it.


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Why do not contact the PDF Architect Support Team directly using this form:

You might want to try Control Panel > Programs and Features > PDF Architect > 'Repair' first.

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I am having the same problem. I am running Windows 10 with PDF Architect Professional 6. It used to work. I tried to upgrade to add the OCR module. That stopped the program from working entirely.


I have the exact same problem, except when trying to compare PDFs. Just freshly installed, bought specifically for this feature. Didn't install OCR because I don't need it, and it didn't say this feature is required to make it work.


Running Repair seemed to fix it.


Yes, running repair does fix it and allows me to merge files, but every single time I open PDF Architect I have to repair the ap again or I get the same error when trying to merge files. This isn't just annoying it is a serious bug.

Is there any fix to it?