Failure to compile for the COM Interface

I've found a workaround.  Please look at the code segment.  The comments should speak for themeselves.

#if 1
// don't use the methods/properties that deal with collections
// the following class(_CollectionPtr) has been introduced just to avoid compilation errors
// it's an empty class.  nothing good will happen as result of its use
/* has to support:
    _CollectionPtr(struct _Collection *, bool)
class _CollectionPtr
    _CollectionPtr(struct _Collection *, bool){}
}; // end class _CollectionPtr
#include "CclsPDFCreator.h"
#include "CclsPDFCreatorOptions.h"



I'm trying to add to the print thread in an application some COM interface to PDF.

MS developer studio (Visual C++ 8) fails to compile the header file created from the type library.

Please let me know if anyone is willing to look into the source files and the build log.