Failure to print?

I have used pdf creator for sevrl years an just downloded the lastest version. 

Using quikbooks pro, PDF Creatro reuses to print. The jobs just pile up in a queue and stay there.  Apparently I need to open a swtich somewhere, but where.



So I guess there is no help here. I will have to abandon this PDF Creator and try something diffferent.  

Pardon my poor typing.

I tried to remove and re-install and got the follwing message



if your not sure whether you rebooted between removal and setup, try doing it now. Uninstall the existing PDFCreator, reboot your machine, and then start a new instalation. The reason your printers didn´t show up anymore is most likely your spooler service was down (resulting in printers not being shown), rebooting your machine should solve that problem if it occurs again.

It took place over weeks so I don't know if I rebooted between. 

In one reinstall it stopped becaue it could not erase a file like "pdfcmnt.dll" and  if I said ignore, it would install but not work, if I said try again it, stuck in the same place, so I went in a deleted that file.

It installed fine but would not work, because my print spooler was not running, and I lost ALL printers,  After rebooting and reintalling the CANON printer driver, I got it back and scrapped the idea of PDFcreator.

I found another that seems to do the same thing. I still have PDFCreator on my netbook, and if it gives me trouble I am better prepared to deal with it. 

The netbook runs Win7 64 bit , the one that gave me trouble runs XP Pro.  




first of all we are sorry we did not reply earlier.

Did you reboot your machine between removing and re-installing? 

That should normally sove the problem.

If you did reboot between removing and re-installing and the problem still occurs, please contact us again.