Faulty PDF creation

Hi all,

I have experienced a peculiar phenomenon when creating a PDF from a Word document. The Word document has two sections divided into 3 pages each. The first section has no page numbering, the second section has page numbering using the Word function "Page x of y" which gives me the following results:
- on page 4: " Page 1 of 3"
- on page 5: " Page 2 of 3"
- on page 6: " Page 3 of 3"
which is the way I want to have it.

After creating a PDF with PDFCreator 1.02, the result is different from the Word document.
- on page 4: " Page 1 of 1"
- on page 5: " Page 2 of 2"
- on page 6: " Page 3 of 3"

A test with the conversion using Adobe Acrobat returned the correct numbering just like in the Word document.

Is this a bug or a feature? Can someone provide some help on this issue?

If anyone is interested in troubleshooting, I can provide the Word document.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards
Carsten Schmidt