Feedback - pdf creator 1.3.1



regarding to my posting [url=] here[/url] i'd like to give feedback to the new pdfcreator-version (1.3.1).

first of all : thank you for thecomand-line expert-option for selecting local path by installing the software. it's esy to to and is working properly. new version seems to be running faster than version 1.2.3 so far.


for all non-experts a short "how to" for sutom installation :

1 - save the file on desktop.

2 - open cmd (comand prompt) and run as administrator. a new windows opens with this content :


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



3 - now type :

C:\\Windows\\system32>CHDIR C:\\Users\\username\\Desktop

C:\\Users\\username\\Desktop>PDFCreator-1_3_1_setup /Expert

!!! remark : replace username with your (own) username.

now you can make a fully custom installation of the pdfcreator.

4 - close cmd by clicking red cross or typing :





to the pdfcreator-crew i have a question :

does this toolbar really must be ?


blekko spam free toolbar

- spamfree search results
- stay up to date on twitter
- check your wall, get notifications, and update status
- local weather

Homepage, default search and new tabs will set to blekko.
Product redirects misstyped url's.


...this looks like installing icq, there you're loosing all rights on any typed things, send files and the software changes your pc configuration on browser-homepage, standard-search and adds a toolbar as well...

does all the donations are not covering the costs of pdfforge ? :(

...and do you will offer a .msi-installer in future ?


thanks for the software all the good work !


regards nayss

Everything works fine with 1.3.2 which just came out. Thank you for your quick and perfect work.


I’m afraid, that we’re having a misunderstanding : I did not ‘reclaimed’ about the missing option to disable the toolbar - this is displayed and worked perfect !
Just to say it clear, I just asked, whether the toolbar-implementation must be a |must-have| for the installation.

in general it’s seems to be faster than before with version 1.2.3 and is working stable, as far as I know. I’m using it every day it still didn’t crashed so far.
…guys - I’d like to say : u did a excellent job !

…and now something for the future development division at pdf-forge :

…i’m using it daily on an old asus eeepc 1005ha (intel atom n270, 2gb memory) with windows 8 consumer preview x86/32bit !
Not sure about whether u fixed the ‘bug’, that version 1.2.3 still needed installation of net framework 2.0 althought I had net framework 4.0 (full framework installation including client profile) already installed.

…will try it later, and will give you report about !

…and again : good work guys (and gal’s^^) !!

I installed the 1.3.1 without problems… :slight_smile:

regards nayss

Version 1.3.1 caused troubles with Microsoft Security and many files were corrupted during download due to "dangers". Happily I still had 1.3.0 so I installed this one. It works.



there should be some radiobutton/checkbox during the setup where you can disable installing blekko. Could you be so kind and post screenshots of your installation, if there really is no option to not install blekko its a bug and not our intention.

We are planning to offer a .msi installer, but need to solve some problems related to it first.






Good morning !

Also from here: Thank's for the new release.


In comparison to 1.3 this version runs on 2003 Servers without crashing spoolsrv.

Thar's very good!

If I enable automatic printing after creation there is also a difference: Now pop's up a printer dialog - already selected the printer I choosed during setup (that's an advantage, before the dialog was empty).

But it pop's up always, even if I try to disble that ..........


Perhaps in 1.32 ????