Filesize of pdf increase many fold


I have two original pdf filesizes obtained from a scanner, 75KB & 17KB.

I was combining the two files to one single file.

Upon printing to pdf,

the 75KB file exploded to 434 KB ( approx 6 x ) and,

the 17KB exploded to 312KB ( approx 18 x )

After combining and printing the file, the filesize explodes to 14,049KB.

The two original files equal to 75+17 = 92KB.

Final filesize is approx 152 times the combined original file sizes.

This is ridiculous!

Can anyone help?

I've tried tweaking the pdf output format, eg downgrading to Adobe Acrobat 3.0 output format & decreasing the resolution to 200 dpi (original scan was at 400 dpi). The results do not seem to differ.

It's a waste of memory space & slows down the opening of the final file.






Can we get sample files for testing. What is if you use Images2PDF.vbs from the folder PDFCreator\\PlugIns\\pdfforge? (Simple Drag'n Drop)