Film in pdf embed / Webcapture



beforehand to the developers of the PDFCreator's a hearty thank-you for this really tool.


So now to my two questions.


1. Are there free (legal) possibilities films in pdf `see to embed which can be also played then? I had a Trial version of Acrobat and there this was really great: Simply in the open Word or PDF document on the badge film / clip insert click, a few settings carry out and ready!


2. I am furthermore in search of a free alternative to the Webcapture a tool of Acrobat. With this tool one can convert whole web pages in pdf, but about the pressure function I the complete HTML code does not take to this in pdf is converted. Therefore the layout is preserved somewhat. The bookmarks on the left or the headings remain verlinkt and therefore clickable.


This are already quite nice more or less the only both features and also are interesting for average consumer. This gives it tools if which are able to do such a thing to serve not so simply are is quite clear.


Would be great if your tip for me would have. You still nice sunny Sunday.


Greeting Nils


P.s. If you a programme or programmes know such a thing these can also call which one can can shop for little money to her to me.