Final status in windows spooler

Hy there, 

First of all, this tool rocks ! It does 99,999% of what I need !

Now, for the 0.001%… I have a very special need (well, like everybody else, we are all special :wink: - anyway)

I am using an application that check that a document is actually printed before proceeding to the next one. For that purpose, in the printer property, I check keep documents after printing and the application then chack the status of the document and remove it from the queue once completed.

And of course I setup automatic name generation as I do not want human to interfere :wink:

So far so ggod, 
  • I send the printing
  • it goes in the spooler (printing status)
  • the document appears by magic in folder :slight_smile:
  • back to the spooler I see send to the printer instead of printed.
It is key for me to get printed as the other status is not final.

Any clue how I could achieve this ?

Thanks a lot in advance, Oliver